Friday, May 18, 2012

May Glam Bag

Okay so the first ever Glam bag was freaking awesome....but I think that set the bar too high for them as a company and people seem to be disappointed with the latest glam bags.  I am happy as long as I have at least one full sized item that is worth more than $10.  The worst one ever was April's and thankfully they had a problem charging my credit card that day, because I missed out on the worst one yet.

May's glam bag arrived and I must say, I wasn't super excited about the products but I was content, because the full sized lipstick that we received was worth $15 and thankfully I got it in a color that complements my shade - since all colors are distributed randomly!

Here were the items I got and my take on them:

Philosophy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance - Smells sweet as the name says but not sweet enough for me to plunk down cash for a full size bottle.  I was surprised I wasn't in love with the scent, as Philosophy's scents are usually really really good.  I own Amazing Grace.  LOVE the stuff.  Not a fan of receiving scents in my Glam Bag...because there are always a million magazine ads where you can get a free whiff - but this teeny bottle will be good for another use or two so that's good.

Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick - Color I got was "Foxy Pink Frost" and the "frost" in the title was enough to give me images of the early 2000's but it was actually a GREAT color for me!  It's more of a darker pink....and not really pink...but it works with my skin tone and that's all that matters.  I feel bad for the people who don't like the colors they got.  The formula glides smooth and it's a really good lipstick.

Miss Beauty Nail Bling - I thought it was a little childish...I could either give to a tween or use on myself one day...if I'm tired of staring at my un-manicured nails.  The bling is not what killed it, the hearts did.

myglam Concealer Brush & Defining Eyeliner Brush - Thought I didn't need anymore brushes, but was very happy with the concealer brush - it's TINY and great for covering up zits.  The eyeliner brush is great to give your lower lash line a little soft color pop - already had one but always good to have another.

Here's a pic of the stuff - I didn't personally take it, just took an image off the web as you can see from the watermark.

I look forward to next month's bag!

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