Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NYX Make Up Haul!

Went to the mall the other day and parked at Sears so I had no choice but to go through it to enter the mall...and I'm glad I did because I came across NYX make up!  Didn't know Sears carried it!  I have no idea if the Sears near me does...anyway I was happy I found it because I have long since been a fan of NYX make up since joining MyGlam/Ipsy make up sample subscription.

I decided to buy two glitter liners, (the blue-green aqua one is actually for a friend), a brown roll on glitter to accentuate when I do a nude or natural eye shadow look and a tinted eye shadow base.  Everything cost me around $20 total.  Love how affordable NYX make up is for the quality!  I now regret not buying the eye shadow base in white...a white base helps make your eye shadow POP.  Always next time!  Oh, and I bought a eyebrow powder set complete with wax and two dark shades.  Usually eyebrow powders come in a dark brown but this one comes with almost a grey smokey black which I believe looks most natural on me since I have black hair.

OH and for brows, I cannot recommend this tool enough.  Buy two of them!  Keep one in your make up kit and one in your travel kit:  Ardell Duo Brow Brush

Well that's my NYX haul.  Tell me which NYX products are your favorite!

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